Recording Credits



 Partial Recording History                              

Artist Location Style Capacity
Anita Wintzer Toronto Country Sax Solos
Blair Clark Indianapolis Pop/R&B Sax Solos/Horn Section
Bob Taillefer Toronto Jazz Sax Solos
Brenda Baker Regina Pop Sax Solos
Charles Huntley Toronto Jazz Horn Section
Colin McKechnie Toronto Pop Sax Solos/Horn Section/Horn Arranger
Dave Bingham Indianapolis Pop Sax Solos
Dave Murphy Toronto Pop Sax Solos/Horn Section
Frozen Ghost Toronto Pop Horn Section/Horn Arranger
George St. Kitts Toronto Pop Horn Section/Horn Arranger
Gordi Monroe Toronto Gospel Sax Solos
Jack Semple Toronto Blues/R&B Sax Solos/Horn Section/Horn Arranger/Producer
HT3 Indianapolis Pop Sax Solos
Jack Semple Indianapolis Blues/R&B Horn Section/Horn Arranger
James owen Bush Toronto Gospel/Country Sax Solos/Horn Section/Horn Arranger/Producer
John Burns Toronto Pop Sax Solos
Karen Eaton Toronto Country Sax Solos
Kelleen Indianapolis Pop/Jazz Sax Solos
Kenny Driscoll Toronto Pop Sax Solos/Horn Section
Kim Archer Indianapolis Blues/R&B Sax Solos/Horn Section
Lawnie Wallace Toronto Country Sax Solos
Lenore Toronto Pop Sax Solos
Loose Booty Toronto Rock Sax Solos/Horn Section/Horn Arranger
Marc Jordan Toronto Pop Sax Solos
Matthew Gerrard Toronto Jazz Sax Solos/Horn Section
Roger Lapointe Toronto Jazz Sax Solos
State of Mind Toronto Pop Sax Solos
Steven “C” & the Red Rockets Toronto Blues/R&B Sax Solos
The Cos Toronto Rock Horn Section/Horn Arranger
The Lincolns Toronto R&B Sax Solos/Horn Section/Horn Arranger
Tony Cheeseborough Indianapolis Blues Sax Solos
U.Y.K. Niagra Falls Pop Horn Section
Wild “T” & The Spirit Toronto Rock Horn Section/Horn Arranger
Zemer Orchestra Toronto Klezmer Sax Solos/Horn Section


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